I offer online Telehealth appointments over Zoom Video Call to anywhere in the world. Booking & payment is done automatically online. Once booking is complete you will receive an e-mail with all your appointment info, so you can easily add the date and time to your Google Calendar or Apple iCal. Reminders can be sent by phone or e-mail so you don’t miss your appointment. You’ll also receive an email before your appointment with an intake form to input your health history and sign. You can easily cancel online at least 48hrs before your scheduled appointment, to obtain a full refund. If you have any questions or want to cancel you can call the toll-free number on my Contact page.

Nutrition Consultations

I will design a tailored nutritional plan to target your specific health issues. I am formally educated in Integrative nutrition and have access to some of the best knowledge, resources and technology to provide you with the best possible chance of success. I can refer you to associates for all the necessary testing and lab work.

Nutrition Counselling

You know that you should eat healthy but it’s been a challenge. Do you have a health diagnosis that you are struggling with, physically & emotionally. I am trained in nutrition counselling & life coaching to help you work through your difficulties and achieve your health goals. Gain peace of mind and begin your healing journey.

Life Coaching

Life coaches are equipped with many of the tools counsellors have to help you work through present challenges & achieve your goals. Whether it’s school or work, family or relationships… whatever the challenge in your life, I am trained to help you work through it with grace, so you can improve your life and achieve your dreams. Life coaching has changed my life and it can change yours too.

Business Consulting & Coaching

I built an electronics business with a brick and mortar store in Canada starting with only $100 & I’m now a successful influencer. I know the struggles with starting & succeeding in business. Whether you need specific tools & resources, or guidance through the mental & emotional aspects of success. I use my extensive knowledge in small business & life coaching education, to be your guide in helping you achieve success in your chosen endeavor.