The Rife Machine – Using Frequency to Destroy Pathogens

July 3, 2023 8 mins to read

In this article I go over the Rife machine, an invention that it’s Creator Rife, claimed could destroy harmful disease-causing pathogens or organisms, by matching their frequency. It also added voltage to the body’s tissues, which was said to strengthen cells, and improve nutrient absorption and waste detox. Today users of the Rife machine claim it can help with: flu, lyme disease, cancer, candida, anthrax, etc…but with no scientific backing. I’ll include a bit on The Rife Machines history, alleged health benefits, risks, how to get more info about the Rife machine and even where you can pick up a ready made rife machine for yourself.


In the 1930s, scientist Royal Raymond Rife designed the Rife machine, a device he claimed could destroy harmful organisms by emitting frequencies that resonate with them, causing them to vibrate and break apart, while leaving normal cells unharmed. Rife called this frequency the “Mortal Oscillatory Rate”. According to Rife, each disease has its own electromagnetic frequency, and by finding that frequency and producing an impulse of the same frequency, it would destroy the disease. He claimed that it could even target cancer cells.

However, his invention, the Rife Machine, has very little scientific backing and his research was met with great skepticism by traditional medicine. The FDA has not approved the Rife Machine for treatment of diseases, and The American Medical Association even went as far as condemning his work. This lead to legal and financial difficulties for Royal Rife, which prevented him from being able to continue his research.

To this day the Rife machine has not been broadly accepted by traditional medicine, and is essentially considered “pseudoscience”. Despite that, thousands of individuals from around the world continue to use his Rife machine and claim a variety of health benefits…from detoxification to pain relief and even helping them fight cancer.

Opposition & Controvery

Like many practitioners involved in alternative medicine (often at odds with traditional medicines allopathic medicine model), Royal Rife and his Rife machine were plagued by disputes and legal confrontations with established medical entities, most notably the American Medical Association (AMA) and, to some extent, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Rife’s claims regarding his high-resolution microscope and the Rife machine’s ability to destroy harmful organisms with specific frequencies were groundbreaking, but lacked the rigorous, reproducable scientific evidence typically required for medical devices to be FDA approved.

The FDA has not approved the Rife machine due to insufficient evidence of its safety and efficacy, and the marketing of such machines for treatment of diseases is considered illegal. The FDA and AMA say it’s part of their mandate to protect public health, but as we’ve seen over the last few years 2019-2023….these regulatory agencies are absolutely rotten to the core with corruption, and care abut public health insofar as it makes them exorbitant sums of money. I would go as far as to say traditional medicine has veered away from patient centered to profit driven and many practitioners of traditional medicine, have abandon their vows and morals to worship the almighty dollar.


The rife machine falls in the category of Electromedicine, which has been an active part of alternative medicine for over 100 years. Also, during the past several decades there have been approximately 3000 peer-reviewed articles published in respected medical journals on electromedicine. More info at

Learn more about the Rife Machine

If you’re interested in learning more about Royal Rife, the Rife Machine and how to build or obtain the device, consider the following resources:

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Rife Handbook 5th Edition PDF by Dr. Nenah Sylver

Where to buy the Rife Machine?

I am in contact with the creator Royal Rife’s Son, who has continued his fathers legacy and sells the original Rife Machines online and has his own clinic in the US.

The Argument Against the Rife Machine – Quantum Physics

One of the main arguments against the Rife machine, is that the amount of energy required to disrupt, for example a cancer cell, would fall within the range of ionizing radiation (like X-rays or gamma rays). This type of radiation carries enough energy to knock electrons away from atoms and break molecular bonds, which is exactly what you would need to do to disrupt a molecule. The Rife machine however, claims it can damage harmful cells, while leaving normal cells unharmed… and as you know ionizing radiation (like the kind used for cancer) is harmful and can cause severe damage to healthy tissues, which is exactly why its use in medical treatments like radiation therapy is very carefully controlled.

Looking at this from a quantum physics perspective… something like a cancer cell is composed of a complex system of molecules each with it’s own resonant frequencies. Now theoretically you could disrupt one molecules frequency, which could lead to a chain reaction and possibly disruption of a cancer cells function, which could cause it to break apart or, at least weaken it enough to make it easier for the body to target and eliminate. But again the argument stands that the amount of energy required to do that, would be in the ionizing radiation range.

Deep into Theoretical Quantum Physics

In quantum physics when multiple oscillating systems are combined they can form a complex system called “normal modes” of vibration – specific patterns of motion executed by the entire system. We could theoretically look at this like a unique resonant frequency of the cancer cell as a whole, created by combining all it’s constituent molecule frequencies. If the Rife machine could target this normal mode system (of a cancer cell) either as a whole or by interfering with individual constituent molecule resonant frequencies, in such a way as to affect the cells function in theory you could change the state of the cell to a healthier or normal cell. But this is my own theory and even quantum physics doesn’t really support this.

The biggest issue being that you can look at resonant frequencies in a vacuum, but cells are living things that self-repair damage, grow, divide and can even self-destruct when to damaged to repair…so how affecting things like resonant frequencies on a quantum level would affect the cell, is just beyond current technology. But I’m sure in the future, with a better understanding of these interactions, and better technology to measure and affect these changes, they’ll be able to preform medical feats that are far beyond our current comprehension. Honestly I wish I could have had a talk with Royal Rife…could have cleared up all the questions lingering in my mind.


Electromedicine has been around in alternative medicine for over 100 years and devices like the rife machine could have numerous health benefits. However for what it’s worth, the FDA and regulatory agencies do not approve of it’s use and therefore it is considered illegal in many places, including in America. However around the world Rife Machines are being used, with testimonials from many people who have made remarkable claims regarding it’s health benefits and healing properties. In the end you must make a decision about the pros and cons of using a device like the Rife Machine, and if it’s not legal in your region of country, you may need to travel outside the country to get access to get access to this electromedicine device.


This is not medical advice. The information in this article is for educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any condition. I do not endorse building or using the rife machine, which is considered by mainstream medicine to be pseudoscience. I am not responsible for how you use the information in this article. The rife device is not FDA approved and there is no scientific evidence that it’s effective. For any medical conditions or concerns, it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional to receive evidence-based treatments. Misuse of homemade medical devices could potentially lead to serious health complications.

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