Rene Caisse and Essiac Tea – A Herbal Anti Cancer Tea

December 18, 2023 6 mins to read

Rene Caisse was a nurse who in the 1920s developed Essiac Tea; her name spelled backward. Her recipe was inspired by a herbal remedy from an Ojibwe medicine man. Rene gave the anti cancer tea for free and under the supervision of highly esteemed doctors who saw it’s powerful ability to help patients fight cancer. Despite receiving high praise and countless testimonials from patients who used Essiac Tea, Rene faced constant legal battles. Interestingly enough her recipe shares some of the same ingredients as the Hoxsey Herbal Remedy for cancer – which was declared in court as a “cancer cure” (Hoxsey Recipe). Also be sure to check out my Alexa Anona Protocol for Cancer – A nutritional guide to an anti cancer diet.

The Origins of a Healing Elixir

In the early 20th century, while working in a clinic in Haileybury, Canada, Nurse Rene Caisse encountered a traditional herbal remedy used by the Ojibwa nation. Inspired by its potential, she crafted this wisdom into a unique tea, which she aptly named Essiac – her surname spelled backward.

Composition of Essiac Tea

The original formula, includes a blend of: burdock root, sheep sorrel, slippery elm, and Indian rhubarb, prepared traditionally as a tea. As an integrative nutrition student I’ve taken a particular interest in anti-cancer nutrition and to that end have researched several different herbal remedies suppressed throughout history. I found there was research to support the cancer fighting potential of some of the ingredients in Essiac Tea, with each herb bringing its own set of purported benefits to the mix.

A Growing Phenomenon

Word about Essiac spread rapidly, as it does with any remedy where people see incredible results! Eventually this lead to widespread recognition of its perceived health benefits and brought it to the attention of soem highly esteemed doctors at the tiem. In the town of Bracebridge, Ontario, Nurse Caisse was even provided with a hotel to use as a clinic. Here’s where her dedication shone through – she offered Essiac at no charge, accepting only donations to support her operations. This came in handy, as it was one of the main reasons she was permitted to carry on her treatments, despite facing frequent legal battles.

Honoring a Legacy

To honor her contributions, a statue of Nurse Caisse was erected in Bracebridge. Countless doctors in the 1920s praised Rene for her Essiac Tea. Her commitment to wellness was further recognized when she received an award from Frank Miller, the Minister of Health for Ontario, in 1978.

Rene Caisse’s Enduring Legacy

Before her passing in 1978, Nurse Caisse entrusted her formula and historical records to a firm for research. Today, her legacy lives on, with over 70 research papers delving into the potential of Essiac tea.

The Science Behind Essiac

As a integrative nutrition student, I always emphasize the importance of scientific backing. While Essiac tea has many testimonials, it’s crucial to approach such remedies with a balanced view, considering both traditional knowledge and scientific research. Ultimately I think Essiac tea can be a powerful part of an anti-cancer diet and many people with cancer, have seen great success using it.

Essiac Tea Instructions PDF (Downloadable + Printable)

You can download and print off this quick instructional guide on how to prepare and consume Essiac Tea.

Essiac Tea Ingredients

Her original recipe includes the following herbs: Blessed Thistle, burdock root, kelp, red clover, sheep sorrel, slippery elm bark, Turkish Rhubarb Root and watercress. It is important that you get genuine essiac tea (see below), that has all the ingredients specified by Rene Caisse, in the right ratios, to ensure maximum benefits.

Buy Essiac Tea | The Best Essiac Tea

I am extremely picky about quality, and I want to know when I recommend Essiac tea, or any product really…that it is going to contain the highest quality ingredients, so that it is effective. And most brands of supplements are owned by the pharmaceutical companies and giant corporations; I don’t trust them.

Fortunately I found a small Family owned small business that makes the original Essiac Tea, following Rene Caisse’s original instructions with all the herbs that she used, and in the correct quantities. I am confident that it is among the best quality Essiac Tea available, that contains an abundance of the active compounds needed to be an effective herbal elixir.

Got Cancer? Book An Appointment!

If you have cancer and are considering Essiac Tea, book an virtual appointment, and I can set you up with the best anti-cancer nutrition plan that includes powerful anti-cancer foods and herbs according to volumes of research.

Final Thoughts | Conclusion

Rene Caisse’s story is not just about a herbal tea; it’s about perseverance, dedication to wellness, and the blending of traditional and modern health practices. While the full benefits of Essiac tea are still a subject of ongoing research, Rene’s story is a testament to the selfless desire of holistic practitioners to help others, and the power of natural remedies for illness.

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