R2M Detox Protocol

May 30, 2024 6 mins to read

Peter Greenlaw, has crafted a groundbreaking approach to healthy eating known as the R2M Protocol aka the R2M Detox Protocol, which combines scientifically validated protein pacing combined with Intermittent Nutritional Fasting. This innovative dietary strategy and weight loss diet is designed to help you achieve optimal metabolic health, manage your weight effectively, boost muscle function, detox your body of it’s toxic load and enhance your overall well-being. By strategically timing your protein intake, using high protein sources and incorporating periods of specialized nutritional fasting, this method supports your body’s natural rhythms and maximizes your health benefits, making it easier to reach and maintain your health and fitness goals. Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve performance, looking to lose weight, detox your body or simply seeking a sustainable way to stay healthy…The R2M Detox Protocol offers a science-backed path to a healthier, more balanced life.

*Updated Jun 6 2024 Nutrition Microbiome Study Added

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Protein Pacing | R2M Protocol

Protein Pacing involves consuming high-quality protein at regular intervals throughout the day to maintain muscle mass, boost metabolism, and enhance satiety. The goal is to evenly distribute protein intake across all meals.

Intermittent Nutritional Fasting | R2M Protocol

Intermittent Nutritional Fasting involves periodic fasting periods where calorie intake is significantly reduced or eliminated, followed by periods of normal eating. This approach can help with weight loss, metabolic health, and cellular repair.

Health Benefits of Protein Pacing and Intermittent Nutritional Fasting

Metabolic Health:

  • Improved insulin sensitivity.
  • Enhanced fat oxidation and weight management.
  • Better blood lipid profiles.

Muscle and Performance:

  • Increased muscle protein synthesis.
  • Enhanced recovery and performance in athletes.
  • Maintenance of lean body mass during weight loss.

Overall Well-Being:

  • Reduced hunger and cravings.
  • Improved mental clarity and focus.
  • Enhanced longevity and cellular repair mechanisms.

Benefit Specifics Shown in Studies

Based on the peer reviewed research by Dr. Paul Arciero and colleagues, the following specific health benefits values, were observed:

  • 33% Visceral (mid-section) fat reduction in 8-weeks
  • 41% reduction in hunger in 30 days
  • 74% decrease in the hormone leptin (the hunger hormone)
  • 10% drop in blood pressure
  • 6.2% drop in blood sugar
  • 13% decrease in LDL (bad) cholesterol
  • 25% reduction in Inflammation in 30 days

Keep in mind the studies prohibited participants from exercising…which means these incredible health benefits were observed with no exercise.


Protein Pacing combined with Intermittent Nutritional Fasting, as developed by Peter Greenlaw in his R2M Detox Protocol, offers a structured approach to optimize health, manage weight, enhance physical performance, and enjoy a range of health benefits.; and fantastic weight loss diet. By following the principles outlined in the R2M detox protocol including specific protein intake and intermittent nutritional fasting, individuals can achieve significant benefits in: metabolic health and weight-loss, blood sugar levels and insulin resistance (in pre and type-2 diabetes), lean muscle gain, lower inflammation, detoxing and immune system function.

Personally, I think this diet and the research surrounding it are as shocking as they are unprecedented…nothing comes close to the R2M Detox Protocol. As a nutrition professional, this will be my new go-to diet for clients in my professional practice, who are looking to lose weight, or struggling with chronic illness, who want to detox or improve over-all health; it’s really that incredible!

R2M Detox Protocol Benefits Downloadable PDF

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