Rogershood Fulvic Soak – Detox Bath Minerals

Introducing Fulvic Soak: an essential addition to your cleansing regimen. Formulated with potent fulvic humic minerals, renowned for their detoxifying properties, this soak aids in pulling parasites and heavy metal toxins from the body, promoting a smoother cleanse and reducing discomfort from die-off symptoms (herxheimer reaction).


Fulvic Soak: An excellent addition to your cleansing routine.

Rogershood Fulvic Soak – Detox bath blend is formulated with fulvic humic minerals, organic minerals known for their incredible benefits for the body. This can be used for foot soak or in a bath to help pull parasites and heavy metal toxins from the body, assisting your cleanse by reducing discomfort from die-off symptoms, sometimes referred to as the herxheimer reaction.

*For external use only

There are potential contraindications with the herbs that we use and chemo meds, blood thinners, etc. Please use this website to check your medications against our herbs.

Why Soak?

Our Fulvic Soak is a rejuvenating addition to your wellness routine. This soak is formulated with fulvic humic minerals – a natural blend of minerals known for their incredible benefits.

A fulvic humic mineral soak is a great way to support your body’s natural detoxification process. The human foot has 120,000 pores and sweat glands, the perfect exit points for toxins! The fulvic acid in the soak helps to pull unwanted toxins from the body, including heavy metals. Heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and aluminum can accumulate in the body over time, leading to a variety of health problems. Long-term exposure to heavy metals can lead to a wide range of health issues. Regular use of our Fulvic Soak can result in you experiencing clearer skin, improved sleep, and a sharper mind!

If you are using Fulvic Soak as a part of your parasite detox, it will assist with the sometimes uncomfortable symptoms of parasite die-offs. When parasites die, they release toxins into the body, and the fulvic acid in this soak can help to remove these toxins, reducing discomfort during your parasite cleansing process.

For a powerful heavy metal focused detox, use Fulvic Soak with Metal Flush & Cinnabin, conveniently bundled for you in our Metal Blaster Kit.

Ingredients | Rogershood Fulvic Soak Detox Bath

Fulvic humic minerals


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