Physician Designed Brite Brain – Brain Support

These essential nutrients work together to fuel your brain with energy, defend against oxidative stress, promote healthy aging, enhance cognitive (brain) performance and unlock your brain’s full potential.

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Experience the ultimate brain boost!

Who is Brite Brain Supplement For?

Whether you’re a student looking to enhance your studies, a professional aiming to sharpen your focus, or someone interested in maintaining cognitive function as you age, Brite Brain supplement is designed for you.

  • Students in College/University
  • Professionals with cognitively demanding jobs
  • Those who want to Improve focus and memory
  • Anti-aging and maintaining cognitive health for the elderly

Need Help?

You can book a virtual appointment for assistance by a Nutritional Counselor or Certified Health Coach.

Why Physician Designed Brite Brain Supplement by Dr. Dan Purser

Dr. Dan Purser is a genomics educated medical doctor on TikTok who has taught me much about nutritional genomics….so you know this supplement is designed by someone that knows their way around MTHFR gene mutations, and what nutrients are important to support them. And Dr. Dan Purser has run this supplement through some of the best testing available. As an Integrative nutrition student heavily researched into nutritional genomics and nutrigenetics, I can confirm that this is a comprehensive supplement for Brain support, and can greatly benefit those who want to improve or maintain their cognitive performance.


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