Genetic Methylation Test (At-Home Cheek Swab)

Unlock your genetic health secrets with MaxGens comprehensive Methylation Test, offering personalized diet, fitness, and wellness insights.

  • Analysis of over 80 genes (180 gene variants), providing a detailed look at your body’s methylation pathways.
  • A personalized report from geneticists and nutrition experts, translating complex genetic data into actionable insights.
  • Tailored recommendations for supplements, diet, and lifestyle adjustments based on your unique genetic profile.
  • Insights into food sensitivities, fitness tips, and more, all customized to your genetic makeup.


Unlock the secrets of your genetic blueprint with MaxGens cutting-edge ‘Genetic Methylation ULTIMATE Testing’ kit. As a holistic nutritionist, I have incorporated this comprehensive methylation test into my professional practice to help clients delve deep into their genetic makeup and understand the root causes of their health concerns.

Why I use this test in my professional practice?

Genetic Methylation Testing can provide insight into gene issues affecting methylation pathways and can help uncover the root causes of your health issues. This at-home methylation test kit, is what I use with my clients in my professional practice as a holistic nutritionist – It tests over 80 genes (180 gene variants) and includes a detailed report written by their expert team of geneticists and nutrition experts, explaining your results in easy to understand language with: supplement and diet recommendations, food sensitivities, lifestyle or fitness tips for your unique genetic makeup, and more.

Privacy First

I vetted the lab that provides this methylation test, for privacy before selecting it for my clients:

  • Your data is encrypted at all stages, is formatted to be inaccessible to third parties, and deleted post-analysis (once your report is delivered).
  • Rest assured, your genetic information remains confidential and is solely used for your personalized report.

Your Methylation Test – Detailed Report

Your customized report will include:

  • MTHFR and other methylation SNPs
  • Your stress response (fight-or-flight)
  • Advanced vitamin & nutrient supplementation
  • Antioxidant production and recycling in the body (Glutathione)
  • Detoxification process for hormones, chemicals, and heavy metals
  • Sensitivity to insecticides and other chemicals
  • Response to inflammatory stimuli
  • Genetic expression and the repair of your DNA
  • Neurotransmitters and brain health
  • Histamine production and breakdown
  • Blood clotting and iron metabolism
  • Your energy and overall production
  • Cell repair damaged by free radicals
  • Fat loss in response to exercise
  • Fat & Carbohydrate Metabolism
  • Eating Behaviors
  • Vitamin Deficiencies
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Blood Sugar & Cardiovascular issues
  • Obesity & Weight Loss strategies
  • Body Strength potential
  • Endurance vs sprinter
  • VO2 Max
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Follow up lab testing specific to you

Benefits for You:

  • Understand your body’s response to diet and exercise for optimal fat loss.
  • Explore your genetic predisposition to various eating behaviors and vitamin deficiencies.
  • Discover personalized strategies for managing blood sugar, cardiovascular health, and weight loss.
  • Learn about your body’s strength potential, endurance, VO2 Max, and cardiovascular fitness.
  • Receive follow-up lab testing recommendations specific to your needs.


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