Good Herbs Super Olive Health Tincture

Good Herbs Super Olive Health supplies you with Olive Leaf Extract known as one of the most useful herbs in the herbal kingdom. Super Olive Health is made with pure, unaltered, chemical-free natural herbs.


Introducing Good Herbs – Super Olive Leaf Tincture – your key to experiencing the numerous benefits of olive leaf extract for overall health and wellness. Whether you’re looking to support your immune system, digestive system, or circulatory system, Olive Leaf Extract is here to help. What sets this product apart? It’s more than just an ordinary supplement – it’s a potent blend of 500 mg of Olive Leaf Extract, carefully selected to promote a healthy immune, digestive, circulatory, and urinary system. Made from wild-crafted or organically grown herbs, Olive Leaf Extract is produced without heat or electrical machinery to maintain the integrity of the whole herbs without adulteration. Featuring the main ingredient, Olive leaf extract, known for its rich content of oleuropein, which provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, this formula delivers powerful support for your overall health. Experience the difference with Who Olive Leaf Extract – your essential tool for achieving optimal health and vitality naturally.

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Who’s it for: Anyone looking to experience the benefits of olive leaf extract.

What it does: May support many aspects of health including a healthy immune system, digestive system and circulatory system.

What Sets Good Herbs – Super Olive Leaf Tincture Apart?

  • Contains 500 mg of Olive Leaf Extract to support a healthy immune, digestive, circulatory and urinary system.
  • Wild-crafted or organically grown herbs.
  • Produced without heat or electrical machinery to maintain whole herbs without adulteration.

Main Ingredient/Benefit | Good Herbs Super Olive Leaf Tincture

Ingredient Benefit
Olive leaf extract Olive leaves contain a nutrient known as oleuropein which may provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.1

Ingredients: Olive leaf extract, purified water and ethyl alcohol. Percent alcohol: 40% Ratio of herbs to solvent (grams herbs/mL solvent): 4:1.

Suggested Use: Take 2mML (approx. ½ teaspoon) two times per day. May be added dto a small amout of purified water.

Storage: Store in a dry place between 59-86° F (15-30° C).

Warning: Do not take if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking medications unless directed by a health care professional. Not for prolonged use. Do not exceed recommended dose. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN.


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