EMPowerplus Methylated Advanced – Methylated Multivitamin with Methylfolate and Methylcobalmin



EMPowerplus is the most studied micronutrient formula in the world, boasting over 30+ medical journal publications. EmpowerPlus Methylated Advanced contains over 36 of the most bioavailable vitamins, minerals and nutrients. This is why I personally use this with my clients as a holistic nutritionist (BC) / nutritional counselor (Canada) and recommend it to my social media followers; I recommend EmpowerPlus because I truly believe it is among the best, and that my clients will experience a range of health benefits by taking it because of the science backing it. But honesty, don’t take my word for it…just view the reviews and see for yourself what people are saying about it.

They make a few different versions of their multi-vitamin:

A) Empower Plus Ultimate – for those with mental health issues like Bi-Polar and ADHD

B) EMpower Plus Methylated Advanced (methylated multivitamin) – for those who have tested positive for certain gene mutations such as the MTHFR gene mutation (affects folic acid conversion) or as under-methylators or simple have exhibited some of the symptoms of undermethylation and want to try a methylated multi-vitamin.

No you don’t need to get a methylation test done; though it is useful….You can just try to adjust your diet to remove foods with added folic acid and take this supplement with the active form of folate L-methylfolate for a few weeks to see if symptoms improve.

What sets Empower Plus Methylated Multivitamin from the competition?

Bioavailability is the degree and rate at which a substance is absorbed and is the single most important factor of any nutritional supplement. Many of the multivitamins on the store shelves have low bioavailability, which causes them to pass through the body without having any effect at all.

EMPowerplus uses a unique formula and advanced technology that eliminates the common problems found with other supermarket and health food store products, making it the highest-quality micronutrient supplement available on the market today. Your body cannot absorb vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients if they are not presented in a way that can be easily digested.

More About Me & How I found Out About Empower Plus Methylated Multi Vitamin

If you know me as a holistic nutritionist, you know I only recommend the best. And EMPowerPlus Methylated Advanced is no exception! I was introduced to this by proxy of the head of the NHPPA, Natural Health Products Protection Agency of Canada, who in a public forum spoke about a psychiatrist friend of his, who used this incredible supplement for his patients with Bi-Polar disorder called EmpowerPlus Ultimate, and the results were incredible! His patients improved so much from their symptoms they were able to go back to work or school, and no longer had to see them in regular checkups, that it almost drove him out of business! I knew then I had to find out the full name, and as I only heard the name verbally and couldn’t find it, I reached out to the NHPPA and contacted their administration to get the name. I signed up to sell the companies supplements, and the rest is history.




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