DefenderShield Radiation Free AirTube Headphones


EMF Radiation can travel from your phone up through the cord to your ear, exposing your brain to dangerous radiation. The Defendershield Airtube headphones stop that radiation far from the ear to protect your brain. I’ve used these for years – They’re High quality, durable & have amazing sound.

EMF Free Headphones eliminate RF wireless frequencies due to being wired to your device. Hollow air tubes then switch the electrical signal to an acoustic signal, preventing any ELF (extremely low frequency) radiation from reaching your head and ears.

SAFETY of EMF Free Headphones

  • EMF radiation-free technology delivers crystal clear sound via hollow air tubes rather than traditional wires.
  • Braided nylon cord is infused with copper for additional protection from Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation.

SOUND of EMF Free Headphones

  • Developed by audio engineering specialists.
  • Advanced, professional-grade speakers deliver higher fidelity stereo sound.
  • Air-filled hollow tubes increase space for tone development, producing body and delivering a superior acoustic audio.

CONVENIENCE of EMF Free Headphones

  • Built-in hands-free microphone with audio controls.
  • Highly flexible yet strong air tubes and tangle-free braided nylon cord.
  • Interchangeable sport tips and clip to keep earbuds securely in place while playing sports, exercising or running.
  • Small, medium and large silicone ear tips for a custom fit.


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