Focuses on assessing the body's immune response and inflammation status. Includes Autoimmune Tests, Inflammatory Marker Tests, Cytokine Panels, Allergy Tests & more.


This category centers on providing a broad overview of overall health and wellbeing. Includes comprehensive panels like CBC, metabolic tests, lipid profiles, and liver function tests. Ideal for a complete health checkup and proactive wellness management.


Focuses on understanding how genetics influence health, nutrition, and metabolism. Includes tests like: Methylation, Homocysteine, MTHFR, COMT, and other genetic markers or SNPs. Ideal for personalized health insights and tailored nutritional strategies.


This category addresses tests that assess gastrointestinal health and functions. Including tests like: GI Stool Tests, Leaky Gut Tests, SIBO Tests, microbiome tests & more.


This category focuses on evaluating heart health, an essential aspect of overall wellbeing, through self-ordered blood tests. It includes tests like Lipid Profiles for cholesterol and triglyceride levels, CRP for heart inflammation, and other cardiac markers. These tests are key for early detection and management of heart conditions, providing a convenient way to monitor cardiovascular health.


This category is focused on assessing and understanding the body's hormonal balance, which is pivotal for numerous aspects of health, including metabolism, mood, and reproductive health. Includes: DUTCH Tests, Thyroid Function Tests, Sex Hormone Panels, and Adrenal Function Tests.


This category is focused on evaluating nutritional statuses, such as: vitamins, minerals, and other essential minerals. Includes tests like: micronutrient testing, ION Panel, amino acid test and more


This category is for tests that help in understanding the body's detoxification capacities and exposure to various toxins. Includes tests like: Heavy Metals Tests, mycotoxin or mold exposure tests, and other similar tests for environmental exposures.