Fenbendazole and Hope: Exploring Joe Tippens’ Unconventional Cancer Protocol

December 21, 2023 7 mins to read

One of the more controversial cancer remedies I’ve heard of is the incredible story of Joe Tippens and his use of Fenbendazole, a veterinary anti-parasitic, to put is cancer into remission. Yes he is still alive and well as of 2023. When it comes to a cancer diagnosis people are driven almost exclusively by fear…this is an natural response, but some unique individuals, either by choice or due to being unresponsive to chemo, embark on a brave journey to use natural remedies. Joe Tippens is one such story and it inspires those suffering with cancer – his story opens our eyes to the power of alternative medicine, and in this case repurposed drugs.

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A Bit About Me

As an integrative nutrition student I have seen friends lose loved ones to cancer, and so I dedicated much of my study to nutrition for cancer. I developed the Alexa Anona Protocol for Cancer, a nutritional guide to cancer and have written several blog articles on suppressed natural remedies, such as the Hoxsey Herbal Remedy and Rene Cassie’s Essiac Tea for Cancer (to name a few). If you book a video call appointment, I am confident you are better off with my nutritional plan than without it.

The Truth About Traditional Cancer Treatments

Seldom do people consider the under 5% success rate of traditional treatments like chemo and radiation, especially when used without a proper anti-cancer nutritional plan, which I encourage people to consider. I’ve helped clients recover from stage 4 cancer, whom used my nutritional protocol along with chemo, and recovered so fast their doctors were astounded. It is likely in the official records their recovery will be attributed exclusively to chemo, without noting the comprehensive anti-cancer diet they were on. I’m not at all suggesting you avoid traditional cancer treatments. All I’m saying is at least consider how much better your chances are on a proper nutritional plan. Please book a video call appointment! I’m confident I can help you.

Joe Tippens | The Man Behind the Blog

Now back on to Joe Tippen’s. Joe wasn’t a doctor, or scientist, or herbalist…he was more of a farmer and a family man. However as an “average joe” his approach to a cancer diagnosis of small cell, stage 4 lung cancer – was anything buy average…Even more brave is Joe wanting to help others with cancer, by authoring a Blog sharing his life’s story and his cancer healing journey, which developed into a community where people could support and encourage each other on their own healing journeys.

The Protocol | Joe’s Controversial Use of Fenbendazole

A key part of Joe’s cancer treatment was his use of Fenbendazole, a drug typically used in veterinary medicine, though there is some administered as a prescription for human use. In Joes blog he detailed his daily intake of 222 mg of Fenbendazole, integrating it into a regimen that included supplements like CBD tincture and curcumin; though his protocol has changed somewhat over time as he did more research and added specific supplements to it. Each element of his protocol is aimed at supporting the body at a cellular level.

Disclaimer | Joe is NOT a doctor

It’s crucial to understand that Joe Tippens is not a medical professional. His approach is based on his personal experience and lacks scientific evidence. On his blog, Joe frequently highlights this, showing honesty and integrity to his readers. I also am not a Doctor, I am an integrative nutrition student. The information in this article is not medical advice and is intended for educational purposes only. I do not under any circumstances endorse the use of veterinary medicine. Consult a licensed healthcare practitioner for more information. If you are fatally ill with cancer I suggest seeing a naturopathic physician, as they are often more open to alternative cancer treatments.

Joe’s FB Community

Joe’s incredible cancer journey resonated with many, creating a community bound by a shared quest for alternative paths in cancer treatment. His blog became more than just a source of information; it evolved into a space for sharing experiences and fostering connections through Q&A sessions and shared narratives.

Joe Tippens’ Protocol: A Detailed Look

Let’s delve deeper into the specifics of Joe’s protocol:

Joes Original Protocol

  • Fenbendazole: 222 mg daily.
  • CBD Tincture: A part of Joe’s regimen, incorporating changes in hemp extract properties.
  • Curcumin: Used for its absorption qualities and potential benefits in cancer treatment.
  • Pathway 3: Berberine: Aims at reducing glucose levels, thereby potentially impacting cancer cells.
  • Pathway 4: Combines ingredients like EGCG, Resveratrol, and Fisetin, all enhanced with LPS technology.

Joes Updated Protocol | 2023

  • Fenbendazole 222 mg (1 gm of Panacur™ or Safeguard™) per day every day.
  • Note if you are using liquid – most liquids are 100 mg/ml. You would take 2.2 ml of the liquid.
  • Onco Adjunct™ Pathway 1™ (Replaces Standard Hemp/CBD) – 2-4ml 2 times a day depending on your weight.
  • Onco Adjunct™ Pathway 2™ (Replaces Standard Curcumin) – 3 capsules 2 times a day only when you are off chemo.
  • Onco Adjunct™ Pathway 3™ (Replaces Standard Berberine) – With each meal – 1 (one) capsule with a light meal and 2 (two) capsules with a heavy meal capsules 2 times a day if you are trying to starve your cancer of sugars.
  • NEW – Onco Adjunct™ Pathway 4™ (EGCG, Resveratrol, etc) – 2 Capsules twice a day.

Final Thoughts | Conclusion

I’ve known individuals who diagnosed with late stage cancer, were not responding to traditional chemo/radiation treatment and were forced to find natural remedies to put their cancer into remission, and did! But Joe made the conscience choice to follow instinct and perhaps divine guidance, facing fear head on to find alternative treatments for his cancer. Could Fenbendazole and Joe’s protocol be a magic bullet for cancer? That is something you’ll have to answer yourself…because there’s a pretty good chance if it does work, Bigpharma will ensure it never sees the light of day in mainstream medicine. If you are fatally ill and dieing from cancer, it’s worth exploring Joe Tippens Protocol, with a good naturopathic Doctor.

Also check out my Alexa Anona Protocol for Cancer – A nutritional guide to cancer. And book a video call appointment because I have volumes of knowledge on nutrition for cancer, and I’m confident your chances are better with my nutritional guidance, than without it.


For more detailed information on Joe Tippens’ story and his protocol, you can visit his blog at Get Busy Living, The Protocol – Get Busy Living, and Joe Tippens – Get Busy Living.


The information provided in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website. The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any health care agency or government entity in Canada or the United States.

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