The Hidden Dangers of Fluoridated Drinking Water on Child IQ and Development

June 10, 2024 6 mins to read

Is fluoride bad for kids? Anyone who’s done a shred of research knows, that the fluoride added to tap water and dental products like toothpaste, is not the natural form and is highly toxic…research has shown fluoride is a neurotoxin that causes brain damage and lowers IQ in children. Fluoride also mimics calcium and can weaken the bone mineral matrix, potentially causing skeletal Fluorosis and even bone cancer. It kind of makes you think…if fluoride is so toxic that it can cause bone cancer, just in what other ways is it damaging our health; what other types of cancer might it cause? The fact is that fluoride in tap water and dental products is a hazardous waste that costs thousands for manufacturers to dispose of…so instead they put it in tap water and tell us it helps make our teeth whiter. But bleach can make your teeth whiter too, that doesn’t mean you start drinking it. In this article I’m going to review only a few of the studied negative health impacts of fluoride, particularly on brain health in children, the nervous system, skeletal fluorosis and even bone cancer.

Fluoride as a Biohazardous Waste

The fluoride commonly added to tap water is not the naturally occurring calcium fluoride but rather hydrofluorosilicic acid, a byproduct of the phosphate fertilizer industry. This substance is classified as an industrial waste, and disposing of it can be costly. The transformation of hydrofluorosilicic acid from an industrial byproduct to a water additive has been controversial, with critics arguing that it poses significant health risks and should be more carefully regulated.

It’s All About the Money

Unfortunately there is tens of billions of dollars per year on the line, for industries selling this bio-hazardous waste to municipalities to add to their drinking water. And the propaganda in support of fluoride has brainwashed a good portion of the sheeple population, to honestly believe fluoride is good for their health…despite their being hundreds of books and studies clearly demonstrating, fluorides toxicity and danger. I’m of the opinion that each person has the right to poison themselves if they want…but rather then force the poison on all of us, make fluoride tablets free to those who want to poison themselves, and spare the rest of us who actually value our health.

Fluoride’s Systemic Effects | Is Fluoride Bad for Kids ?

Fluoride is rapidly absorbed by the stomach and small intestine, distributing throughout the body and accumulating in bones and teeth. This accumulation can make bones brittle and prone to fractures, emphasizing the need for careful monitoring of fluoride intake to prevent adverse health outcomes Frontiers in Public Health.

Fluoride and IQ Levels | Is Fluoride Bad for Kids ?

Recent studies have highlighted the potential impact of fluoride on children’s cognitive development. Research from Harvard suggests a link between fluoride exposure and lower IQ levels in children. The study, led by Dr. Philippe Grandjean and published in Environmental Health Perspectives, found that children in high-fluoride areas had significantly lower IQ scores than those in low-fluoride areas Harvard Study.

Developmental Toxicity | Is Fluoride Bad for Kids ?

The developmental toxicity of fluoride has been a topic of concern, as detailed in a study published in The Lancet Neurology. The research points to fluoride as a potential neurotoxin that could contribute to developmental disorders The Lancet Study.

Nervous System Degeneration | Is Fluoride Bad for Kids ?

A study published on ResearchGate investigated the neurodegenerative effects of sodium fluoride on the brain, spinal cord, and sciatic nerve in rats. The findings indicate significant changes in these areas, suggesting potential risks to human neurological health ResearchGate Study.

Skeletal Fluorosis and Bone Health

Chronic exposure to high levels of fluoride can lead to skeletal fluorosis, characterized by pain and damage to bones and joints. Severe cases may involve changes in bone structure and density, increasing the risk of fractures Frontiers in Public Health.

Bone Cancer Risks

A Harvard University study linked fluoridated water to an increased risk of bone cancer, particularly osteosarcoma, in boys. This study has fueled debates on the safety of adding fluoride to drinking water, suggesting significant health implications for children and adolescents EWG Report.

Dr. Elise Bassin’s Landmark Study

Dr. Elise Bassin’s study, published in Cancer Causes and Control in 2006, found a strong correlation between fluoridated drinking water and osteosarcoma in boys. Her research indicated that boys exposed to fluoridated water had a much higher risk of developing this rare bone cancer, prompting calls for re-evaluating fluoride levels in drinking water SpringerLink.


The findings in these studies highlight the importance of re-examining the use of fluoride in public water supplies and its potential long-term health effects. Especially considering that humanity rests on the cognitive health of the next generation…As research continues to reveal more about fluoride’s negative impacts, it is crucial to consider safer alternatives and stricter regulations to protect public health. Why poison the whole population? Aren’t we supposed to live in a democracy (Canada and USA)? Give people the option with free fluoride tabs ? and let natural selection play out.


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