The Hoxsey Herbal Formula: A Powerful Cancer Fighter

December 3, 2023 6 mins to read

In an earlier article I introduced you to the Hoxsey’s herbal formula, and it’s various uses as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant…However the primary use for The Hoxsey formula has been Cancer (as part of a cancer fighting diet). And as with any natural (unpatentable), herbal remedy for cancer, it has been a highly controversial and debated cancer treatment. While mainstream medical communities stating the formula lacks scientific research, there is some scientific evidence to support it’s use, which is what I’m going to look at in this article. Be sure to check out my Alexa Anona Protocol for Cancer – a nutritional guide to cancer, as well.

The Hoxsey Herbal Formula

The original Hoxsey Herbal Formula, derived from Harry Hoxsey’s early 20th-century concoction, includes ingredients like: red clover, burdock root, licorice, and other medicinal herbs. Each of these individual components has it’s own unique properties and research, with potential cancer fighting abilities.

Red Clover: The Cancer Connection

The key ingredient in the Hoxsey herbal formula is Red clover, a rich source of isoflavones, phytoestrogens that can mimic human estrogen. These compounds have been studied for their potential anti-cancer properties. Specifically, red clover isoflavones may influence hormone-dependent cancers like breast and prostate cancer. Some of the biochemistry behind this is the growth-promoting effects of estrogen on cancerous cells, and the ability of these isoflavones mimicking estrogen to block natural estrogen from reaching those cancerous cells.

Burdock Root: Antioxidant Anti-Inflammatory

Burdock root is one of my all-time favorite herbs, loaded with nutrients, it is a superfood and blood cleanser, also used in the Cancer Fighting Essiac Tea. It’s also anti-inflammatory and loaded with antioxidants- two big contributors to both risk and growth of cancer – thus it is capable of fighting cancel in multiple ways.

Scientific Evidence and Limitations

While traditional and anecdotal evidence have supported the use of the Hoxsey Herbal Formula in cancer treatment, scientific research has been limited and inconclusive. While there are many studies on the cancer fighting ability of it’s individual herbs, comprehensive clinical trials to evaluate the formula’s overall efficacy in treating cancer are lacking.

The Hoxsey Formula & Various Cancers

The Hoxsey Formula has been used historically for various types of cancer, including: breast, prostate, and skin cancers. However, the lack of robust scientific evidence makes it difficult to conclusively determine its effectiveness against these cancers. It is not without it’s side effects, but in comparison to radiation and chemotherapy, it is relatively low in severe side effects. That being said it could (under the advisement of a professional), be used as valuable part of an anti-cancer diet.

The Mechanism(s) Behind the Formula

The proposed mechanism by which the Hoxsey Herbal Formula might aid in cancer treatment is multifaceted. It is believed to involve:

  • Antioxidant Activity: Many herbs in the formula are rich in antioxidants, which help neutralize harmful free radicals in the body, preventing oxidative damage a contributor to cancer.
  • Hormonal Modulation: Isoflavones in red clover may modulate hormone levels, potentially impacting hormone-dependent cancers, through it’s estrogen mimicking properties.
  • Immune Support: Certain ingredients are thought to support immune function, potentially enhancing the body’s natural ability to fight cancer cells e.g. killer T-cells and B cells.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Action: Reducing inflammation might decrease the risk of cancer progression.

Mainstream Medicines Word of Caution

As usual mainstream medicine would like to remind us that the Hoxsey Herbal Formula should not be considered a standalone treatment for cancer. The lack of conclusive scientific evidence and the formula’s status as an unapproved cancer treatment in many countries necessitate caution. As usually I like to Point out that a) studies cost millions and are often funded by people with interest in a specific result and b) the ongology market is worth hundreds of billions annually. People will do crazy immoral and evil things when that amount of money is involved.

Concluding Thoughts

Billions invested in cancer research over many decades and despite promises, mainstream medicine has yet to produce a cure. While millions have seem remarkable recoveries using a variety of formulas like Essiac Tea, The Budwig Protocol and Rick Simpson Oil (to name a few)…many are still largely critical of any natural remedies, trusting instead deadly conventional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. The Hoxsey’s herbal formula’s individual ingredients have potential cancer fighting affects, but more robust research is needed on each ingredient and the entire herbal formula itself. I believe you should have all the information to make an informed decision about what is best for your health and the Hoxsey formula could be a key player in an anti-cancer diet. If you want to try the Hoxsey formula, contact a qualified naturopathic doctor and book an online (telehealth) appointment with me. Be sure to check out my Alexa Anona Protocol for Cancer – a nutritional guide to cancer, as well.


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