Genuine Essiac Tea – The Best Essiac Tea Brand

April 24, 2024 4 mins to read

In an earlier article I went over the story of Rene Caisse and Essiac tea, and covered Essiac Tea Instructions – How to prepare and consume essiac tea. Rene Caisse’s original tea mixture includes the following herbs: Blessed Thistle, burdock root, kelp, red clover, sheep sorrel, slippery elm bark, Turkish Rhubarb Root and watercress. It is important that you get genuine essiac tea (see below), that has all the ingredients specified by Rene Caisse, in the right ratios.

As a nutrition professional, I care deeply about the well being of my clients. While I understand the importance of affordability, when it comes to your health I’m more concerned about quality. I have a strong code of morals and ethics, and I got in this to help people, not to get rich! Based on my research of Rene Caisse and her original recipe/instructions…in my professional opinion genuine essiac tea is the best essiac tea brand out there.

Genuine Essiac Tea

Genuine Essiac tea made by a small family owned business in America…these are people who genuinely care about the welfare of their customers and their well being; unlike most supplement brands which are owned by big greedy pharmaceutical companies and giant mega-corporations! If you compare their ingredients side by side with most of the essiac tea on amazon and other places, they are missing key ingredients in Rene Caisse’s original recipe or don’t have the right ratio of ingredients. Whether they will even work as intended is questionable…They also often include the wrong instructions on the back.

The Best Essiac Tea Brand

I am extremely picky about quality, and I want to know when I recommend Essiac tea, or any product really…that it is going to contain the highest quality ingredients, so that it is effective. And most brands of supplements are owned by the pharmaceutical companies and giant corporations; I don’t trust them.

Fortunately I found a small Family owned small business that makes the original Essiac Tea, following Rene Caisse’s original instructions with all the herbs that she used, and in the correct quantities. I am confident that it is among the best quality Essiac Tea available, that contains an abundance of the active compounds needed to be an effective herbal elixir.

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