Dr. Wallach Lists 20 Powerful Anti Cancer Foods & Drugs: For Cancer Fighting and Prevention

December 1, 2023 9 mins to read

In this article I go over a list of roughly 20 anti cancer foods and drugs outlined by Dr. Wallach in his audiobook “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” that can help to fight and prevent cancer. Dr. Wallach MD, DVM, is a pioneer in nutritional deficiencies. As an integrative nutrition student, Dr. Wallach is one of few doctors whom I greatly admire and respect for his knowledge and achievements. Few people know more on how nutritional deficiencies contribute and lead to diseases than Dr. Wallach. And his tips have helped millions. Some of the items on this list are natural herbs or supplements, while others are medications that you can discuss with your doctor or oncologist.

Who is Dr. Joel Wallach

Dr. Joel D. Wallach is a well-known figure in the field of natural medicine, recognized for his contributions as a veterinarian, naturopathic physician, author, and lecturer. His work has significantly influenced the development of the liquid vitamin and mineral supplement industry. Dr. Wallach is renowned for his audio lectures and audio tape “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie,” which has been widely distributed. He has dedicated over four decades to observing and researching the effects of individual nutrients on health.

His academic journey includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture, majoring in Animal Husbandry (Nutrition) and minoring in Field Crops and Soils, which he received in 1962 from the University of Missouri. He then earned a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from the same university in 1964. His contributions to natural medicine have been acknowledged by various organizations, including the United Nations​​. His efforts in promoting and researching the role of nutrients in health have made him a respected figure in the field of holistic and natural health care.

Dr. Wallach’s Cancer Fighting List

I want to make it very clear that this article is not intended as medical advice and is for educational purposes only. While there are some natural supplements in this list, there are also medications that must be prescribed by a licensed doctor. None of these are meant to take the place of conventional treatments. Please contact a naturopathic doctor for more information and before trying any of the items on this list.

Hydrazine Sulphate

A chemical compound, not an herb, investigated for potential cancer treatment use. Dr. Wallach states it inhibits production of glucose from lactic acid in liver, helps shrink tumors and prevent metastasizing.

Cesium Chloride

A chemical compound (not an herb.) Explored in alternative cancer treatments. Dr. Wallach states it’s a high pH therapy that can enter cancer cells to create an alkaline environment, which the cancer can’t survive in. However it lacks mainstream medical acceptance due to safety concerns.

Dr. Wallach says it works for all types of cancer, but is best for: carcinoma and bronchogenic carcinoma. One study also showed a 97% Improvement of colon cancer.


Known as amygdalin or ‘vitamin B17’ (not an official vitamin). Derived from apricot kernels and used in alternative cancer treatments. Dr. Wallach states it can help release cyanide which normal cells can detox but cancer cells can’t. It’s safety and effectiveness are disputed.


Not recognized in health and medicine. Possibly a misspelling or non-standard term.

Dr. Wallach says it can help increase oxygen flow to cells, macrophage activity to scavenger cells as well as can increase antibody t-cells, B-Lymphocytes killer cells and induces the body to produce interferon.


Effective in reducing bone pain and the risk of bone metastases in patients with breast or prostate cancer, as evidenced by several studies showing improved outcomes in pain management and reduced relapse rates. Dr. Wallach states that it can inhibit bone cancer metastasis and stop the loss of calcium from bone to wall off cancer.

Flutamide and LHRH

Flutamide is a medication primarily used in the treatment of prostate cancer. Flutamide works by blocking androgens, such as testosterone, which can fuel prostate cancer growth.

LHRH agonists are used in various cancer treatments, notably in prostate and breast cancers, they function by initially increasing and then drastically decreasing certain hormone levels, ultimately reducing the hormones that can stimulate cancer growth. They have been studied for their efficacy in slowing the progression of hormone-sensitive cancers and are often a key part of hormone therapy regimens in oncology.

Dr. Wallach states research showed an 81% remission of prostate cancer Vs. 0% remission w/ orthodox approaches.

Hoxsey Herbal Formula (Red Clover Herbal Mix)

A herbal remedy used in alternative cancer treatments. Dr. Wallach states it can be used as a non-specific preventative or treatment. It features red clover, and several other compounds proven to have anti-cancer affects; some of which are also used in the famous Essiac tea for Cancer by Rene Cassie. The story behind the Hoxsey Herbal Formula is fascinating… Hoxsey battled for over 25 years with the head of the Journal of American Medical Association at the time Mr. Fishbein and top brass at the American Medical Association – they tried to force Hoxsey to sell his cure, and even admitting in court that it worked. There is only one clinic left in Mexico that administers his remedy for cancer treatment. However he was forced under court order to release the ingredients of the Hoxsey Herbal Formula, and many of it’s compounds have been studied for their anti-cancer/anti-tumor properties. Mainstream medicine however warns that It lacks established effectiveness and safety in mainstream medicine. More information using these links (and videos available on my cancer playlist on TikTok):


An anthelmintic medication, researched for immune modulation in cancer, primarily used in veterinary medicine. Dr. Wallach states it can help to prevent metastasis of colon, breast, brain, throat, esophagus, stomach, liver and pancreatic cancers.


An immunostimulant containing porcine spleen peptides, is used as a biological response modifier in cancer treatment, with ongoing research into its effectiveness and a growing global market presence. Dr. Wallach states it can inhibit tumor growth by reducing glycolysis and functions effectively vs tumor forming cancers.

Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) IV

Commonly used as a disinfectant and bleaching agent. Dr. Wallach states IV H202 therapy by a licensed doctor, can increase blood oxygen and cancer hates oxygen. He also says H2O2 IV treatment has a long history of no side effects). However mainstream medicine disagrees, stating it lacks scientific support and is considered unsafe.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

A powerful antioxidant supplement, readily available anywhere. Dr. Wallach states it can boost the fighting ability of phagocytes and the efficiency of tissue detox – helping strengthen your immune system in combatting cancer.

DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide)

Used in alternative medicine and highlighted by Dr. Joel Wallach for its potential effectiveness in treating leukemia and aiding the maturation of premature white blood cells associated with the disease. However it lacks established effectiveness and safety in cancer treatment.

Thymus Extracts

Utilized in alternative medicine and derived from animal thymus glands; advocated by Dr. Joel Wallach for their potential to enhance thymus gland function and thus boost the immune system.

Selenium (1000-3000mcg per day)

A vital mineral with antioxidant properties, recognized for its potential role in cancer prevention and treatment, currently under active research to understand its efficacy in these areas. Dr. Wallach Cites a 1996 study that showed it could help prevent cancer. At 250mg/day it was shown to reduce the risk of: esophageal cancer by 71%, prostate cancer by 69%, colon and rectal cancers by 64%, Lung cancer by 48% and could even double the expected lifespan of a cancer patient.

Plant derived colloidal selenium is 98% absorbable

Carbimide Urea

Known as urea, used in dermatology. Dr. Wallach states autoimmune urine and blood therapies can help enhance the body’s fight defense against foreign substances including cancer proteins much like allergy shots do against pollen allergies. He says Carbimide is particularly effective against liver cancer.

Beta Carotene + Vitamin E

These antioxidants are being studied for their potential in cancer prevention and treatment, with research focusing on how they might reduce the risk of certain cancers and improve patient outcomes. Dr. Wallach states they can be especially effective in cancer therapy and against carcinomas.

Vitamin A will also help the thymus gland to produce antibodies and make Laetrile more effective.

Shark Cartilage and Shark Liver Oil (angiostatin and endostatin – 70g daily)

Can stop the formation of capillaries that feed new metastatic growths in cancer. Used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 5000 years to treat cancer, but lacks robust scientific evidence in modern cancer treatment. Dr. Wallach states Harvard and Yale medical school have done 25 years of solid research on the effects of shark cartilage on the rates of cancer metastasis, and have proved that angiostatin and endostatin do in fact retard the growth of capillaries necessary for the support of cancer growth. He says If you already have metastasis, it can help shrink the metastasis and reduce pain; if metastatic growth is smaller than a grape, it may disappear altogether.

Other Tips from Dr. Wallach

  1. Chemotherapy in micro-doses, used in conjunction with alternative therapies or chemotherapy into the arterial blood supply of the cancer infested tissue or organ, can substantially reduce the negative side effects of chemotherapy.
  2. IV total Nutrition can provide much needed raw material for rebuilding normal tissue and replenishing ravaged immune system: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, EFAs and electrolytes.
  3. It’s well established that Cancer patients have poor digestion and absorption – likely due to long-term affects of food allergies on the gut producing celiac type changes.
    • Digestive Enzymes and Betain HCL before or with meals can help as well as reducing liquid during meals (dilutes stomach acid), and not overeating.


  • Dead Doctors Don’t Lie by Dr. Joel Wallach


The information provided in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website. The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any health care agency or government entity in Canada or the United States.

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