Dr J.R. Crewe MD and The Raw Milk Cure

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The Dr. J.R. Crewe Raw Milk Cure is a therapeutic approach developed by Dr. J.R. Crewe, a renowned physician at the Mayo Clinic in the early 20th century, that was purported to have a range of health benefits. This unique protocol involves consuming large quantities of raw, grass-fed milk to promote healing and recovery from various diseases. The Milk Cure gained recognition and acceptance in its time and was even published in medical journals at that time. J.R. Crewe’s protocol lives on to this day in alternative medicine, with people around the world employing the protocol to enjoy its many health benefits.

“The diet is the most important factor in maintaining health and prolonging life.”

Dr. J.R. Crewe

Protocol | Raw Milk Cure

The protocol for Dr. J.R. Crewe’s Milk Cure is relatively simple but requires careful adherence:

  1. Bed Rest: Patients are placed on strict bed rest to conserve energy and allow the body to focus on healing.
  2. Milk Consumption: Small quantities of raw, grass-fed milk are administered at half-hour intervals, totaling 5-10 quarts of raw, grass-fed milk per day. The amount can be increased by a pint per day as needed to match the patient’s tolerance and therapeutic response.

Benefits | Raw Milk Cure

Dr. Crewe believed that the Milk Cure could be effective for a wide range of diseases. The purported benefits include:

  • Improve Vitality and Overall Health: The high nutrient content of raw milk is believed to boost energy levels and enhance general well-being.
  • Cleanse the Body and Improving Elimination: Raw milk is thought to have a natural cleansing effect, aiding in detoxification and improving bowel movements.
  • Building Up the Body’s Resistance to Disease: The Milk Cure is said to strengthen the immune system, helping the body resist infections and illnesses.
  • Reverse Serious Illness: Dr. Crewe reported cases where the Milk Cure contributed to the recovery from serious conditions, including chronic diseases.

Theory | Raw Milk Cure

Dr. Crewe’s theory behind the Milk Cure was based on the nutritional and therapeutic properties of raw milk from pasture-fed cows. He proposed that such milk contained essential nutrients and compounds that could:

  • Improve Blood Quality and Circulation: The high levels of vitamins and minerals in raw milk were thought to enhance blood composition and promote better circulation.
  • Enhance the Body’s Natural Detoxification Processes: Raw milk’s natural enzymes and probiotics were believed to support liver function and other detoxification pathways.
  • Support the Immune System: The presence of immune-boosting components like immunoglobulins and beneficial bacteria in raw milk, was considered crucial for maintaining and enhancing immune health.

Pasteurized Milk in a Nutshell

Pasteurizing milk denatures (changes the structure) proteins and damages various heal soluble vitamins and enzymes. For example lactase, the enzyme that helps break down lactose, is largely eliminated during pasteurization…which explains why so many people are lactose intolerant. Many people are going to argue with me here, and I’ve seen studies to argue for and against raw milk…But in the end the evidence is clear and pasteurization significantly changes the nutrient profile of milk. Which explains why there are so many potential health benefits to consuming raw milk, while many people are sensitive to pasteurized milk, even with the addition of synthetic vitamins.

Legacy | Raw Milk Cure

The JR Crewe Milk Cure was a respected and accepted therapy in the early 20th century, even earning mentions in medical textbooks of the time. Though it fell out of mainstream medical practice, the concept of using raw milk as a therapeutic agent has seen a resurgence in recent years. Advocates of raw milk point to its unpasteurized state, which retains more of the natural enzymes, beneficial bacteria, and nutrients that pasteurization can destroy.


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The Milk Cure remains a fascinating example of early 20th-century medical innovation and continues to inspire discussions on the health benefits of raw, natural foods. Of course raw milk does come with it’s own risks, like food poisoning from salmonella or e.coli, and is illegal in many places. It comes down to a personal choice…do you believe the FDA and bigpharma, or the thousands of people healed by this nutrient dense elixir?


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