Oil of Oregano and Colloidal Silver: 2 Game Changer Supplements for Crohn’s Disease

February 13, 2024 7 mins to read

Disease is on a skyrocketing trajectory, and that includes autoimmune disease like Crohn’s Disease. The mainstream medical establishment with it’s pharmaceutical armory, has very few options for those afflicted by autoimmune disease. Oil of Oregano and Colloidal Silver (or Structured Silver) could be a game changer for those with Crohn’s due to their potent medicinal properties. Read until the end where I also include a few additional diet tips for Crohn’s to help get you on the path to better health.

1. Oil of Oregano: A Natural Inflammation Extinguisher

Oil of Oregano is an extremely potent anti-bacterial compound – Crohn’s is largely an inflammatory condition, think of it like a fire in your digestive tract – oil of oregano is like a fire extinguisher for that gut inflammation, thanks to a compound called Carvacrol. Here’s why it stands out:

  • Anti-inflammatory: Carvacrol in Oil of Oregano acts like a ‘fire extinguisher’ to gut inflammation. It effectively inhibits pro-inflammatory compounds, offering relief from that constant chronic inflammation connected with Crohn’s.
  • Antibacterial: Beyond just calming inflammation, oil of oregano is also a potent anti-bacterial – destroying unhealthy bacteria in the gut that can exacerbate symptoms and helping to restore balance of good:bad bacteria for a healthy ‘gut microbiome’.

Most people aren’t aware that 70-80% of your immune system is housed in your gut (digestive tract)…so when you have an inflammatory bowel disease like Crohn’s, it goes without saying that your gut health is less than optimal and taking steps to improve your gut health can go a long way to helping your symptoms.

2. Colloidal or Structured Silver for Crohn’s Disease: The Gut’s Guardian

You probably haven’t heard about colloidal silver before, as it’s not something known well known in mainstream medicine; unless you’ve been to a naturopath on the cutting edge of alternative medicine. However countless doctors have authored books on the numerous health issues that Colloidal silver can help with. My favorite guidebook for using silver is The Most Precious Metal by Dr. Gordon Pederson, which also includes instructions in using it for Crohn’s disease.

When it comes to Crohn’s Disease structured silver can be very effective:

  • Natural Antibiotic: The structured silver specifically targets harmful bacteria in the gut largely without disrupting the good ones. Colloidal silver targeting is less accurate and it’s more likely to also damage some (a small amount) of the healthy gut bacteria somewhat.
    • Silver operates by penetrating bacterial cells and wreaks havoc on their internal structure, neutralizing their harmful effects and allowing the immune system to swiftly dispose of them.
  • Caution: Do not try to make your own silver solution at home – without the right equipment and testing tools you could create a dangerously high solution and risk of Agyria.

Colloidal Vs Structured Silver

A quick note on colloidal silver vs structured silver, is that while they are essentially very similar, Structured silver on a molecular level is more easily absorbed and effective, so I recommend that form if it is available to you. However if all you can get is colloidal silver, then be all means use that.

Bonus: Top Diet Tips for Crohn’s Disease

Alongside these supplements, certain dietary adjustments can also make a significant difference:

  • Organic Food: Avoid pesticides and herbicides like glyphosate that damage the gut microbiome and can worsen symptoms. The last thing you want when healing the gut is to be constantly poisoning it.
  • Whole Foods Vs. Ultra-processed: More whole foods (organic) and less ultra-processed (packaged) foods. Packaged foods contain food additives, chemicals and dyes that are not friends of a healthy gut or gut microbiome.
  • High Fiber (Organic) Foods: Typically beneficial for gut health, but moderation is key during flare-ups. Part of this is ensuring healthy regular bowel movements which is your bodies primary detox mechanism.
  • Probiotics: These are basically seeds for healthy gut bacteria to populate your intestines, promoting a health ‘gut microbiome’ and immune system.
    • This can include foods like saurkraut, kimchi and goats kefir which are rich sources of probiotics.
    • I recommend Youngevity Ultimate Microbiome by Dr. Wallach as it’s got over 200billion of the best probiotic strains specifically for gut health and repair. It also contains other key nutrients like L-Glutamine, which helps restore the protective gut lining and immune function of your digestive tract.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids: These essential fatty acids are anti-inflammatory, and help counter our unhealthy processed diets high in inflammatory fats. Ideal dietary intake is 2:1 Omega 3:6. With Crohn’s being being an inflammatory issue, anti-inflammatories like Omega 3 are key.
    • Foods rich in omega 3’s include: fish (salmon, anchovies, etc), flaxseeds, walnuts, hemp seeds and more.
    • The supplement I recommend and use with clients is Ultimate EFA Plus by Dr. Wallach an Essential Fatty Acid Complex

The 4 Cornerstones of Health | Holistic Medicine for Crohn’s Disease

Lastly, it’s essential to remember the foundation upon which all these tips stand:

  1. Moderate exercise (daily) – this can be playing outside with kids or your pet, going for a nature walk, hitting the gym, doing yoga, or even just some stretches at home.
  2. Adequate water intake (preferably RO or distilled filtered) – The human body is roughly 70% water so keeping hydrated is key to optimal health. Tap water is loaded with toxic chemicals like chlorine, fluoride (no it’s not the natural kind), antibiotics and more that don’t do any favors to your gut health and inflammation.
  3. Mental Health – Do not underestimate the physiological affect of suppressed emotions, trauma and stress which can certainly contribute to manifestation of disease and even worsening of symptoms. You’re doctor won’t tell you this, but in holistic nutrition we study this in detail and there is plenty of evidence including studies to verify the role mental health plays in disease.
  4. Sleep – Is the foundation upon which all these other suggestions ‘rest’ (pun intended). You can eat the best diet, take loads of specialized supplements, and do all sorts of alternative medicine…but unless you are getting good, deep and restful sleep then you’re sabotaging yourself. If anything is getting in the way of quality sleep, address that first.

Conclusion | Final Thoughts

There are natural remedies for Crohn’s disease from alternative medicine, ayurvedic medicine and Chinese medicine (to name a few), which you are unlikely to hear about from your physician; they are trained to shill pharmaceuticals, not look at your health holistically. That is why I recommend you book a video call with a nutrition professional such as myself, to start uncovering the roots of your autoimmune condition, and creating a plan to start feeling better and taking back control of your health. Your life depends on it.


The information provided in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website. The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any health care agency or government entity in Canada or the United States.

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