If you’re wondering whether my services are covered by your insurance or coverage, the answer depends on your plan but usually Yes for Canadian Clients – GreenShield and some BlueCross plans may include nutritional consulting or nutritional counseling, as well as some provincial health plans. On some plans such as Greenshield, you can login to see your nutritional consulting or nutritional counseling coverage eligibility and amount. I do not direct bill. You have to do a manual claim through your provider and include the receipt I provide you to get reimbursed. No for USA and International Clients – But I may be able to set up a business presence in the USA and change that in the future.

Canada Coverage

Here are some of the provincial and territorial health plans in Canada that may have coverage my nutritional consulting or nutritional counselling services:

Provincial Plans

  • British Columbia Medical Services Plan (MSP)
  • Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP)
  • Saskatchewan Health Coverage
  • Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living
  • Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP)
  • Quebec Health Insurance Plan (RAMQ)
  • New Brunswick Medicare
  • Prince Edward Island Health Card
  • Nova Scotia Health Card
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Care Plan (MCP)
  • Northwest Territories Health and Social Services
  • Yukon Health Care Insurance Plan
  • Nunavut Health Care Plan

Insurance Companies

  • Blue Cross
  • Claim Assure
  • Desjardins
  • Manulife
  • Sunlife Group
  • Alberta Bluecross

If you are in BC specifically ask about Holistic Nutritionists services, as my college is in that province and regulations are different in different provinces. If for example you are in Alberta, my holistic nutritionist services are not valid as AB govt regulates it on par with dieticians, and in that province my credentials are Nutritional Counsellor/Consultant so ask about Natural Nutrition, Integrative Nutrition or Nutritional Counselling.

USA Coverage

This is commonly referred to as “Out of Network Coverage”. It is possible that as a US citizens you could be reimbursed for my services, but that would largely depend on the specific health insurance plan, the terms of that plan, and the regulations set by your insurance provider. The best practice is to contact your insurance company and ask them about “out of network coverage” for Nutritional Consulting or Nutritional Counseling services (from a Canadian Practitioner), to see eligibility as well as the amount of coverage and any limitations or requirements they may have. Here are some steps you can take.

  1. Contact your insurance provider to inquire about out-of-network coverage for nutritional counseling services.
  2. Ask about any pre-authorization or referral requirements.
  3. Review the plan documents and coverage details to understand the terms and limitations.
  4. Keep detailed records of the services you received, invoices/receipt, and any other documentation that may be required for reimbursement.

Below are some of the insurance providers that may (contact to ask) possibly offer “out of network coverage” for US citizens purchasing my services.

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans
  • UnitedHealthcare Plans
  • Aetna Plans
  • Cigna Plans
  • Kaiser Permanente Plans
  • Humana Plans
  • Medicare (for medical nutrition therapy)
  • Medicaid (varies by state)
  • Employer-Sponsored Health Plans
  • Health Insurance Marketplace Plans
  • Specialized Health Plans (for specific conditions)

I have not had any US clients attempt to bill insurance for my services, but I do provide invoices and receipts and everything you would need to try and apply for reimbursement if your insurance provider has told you beforehand that coverage for my services may be possible. I do not make any promises as to whether or not it will be possible. This is not financial advise.

International Coverage

Again there may be some instances where coverage can be used for out of country nutritional consulting or nutritional counseling services, but I really have no idea. You would have to contact your insurance provider ahead to see if that’s a possibility. I do not make any promises as to whether or not it will be possible. This is not financial advice.

Health Allowance

Separate from regular insurance is “health allowance” or “wellness wallet” this is a benefit provided by some employers which provides employees with a taxable allowance to spend on wellness-related activities and products. It is called different things such as a Health Allowance, Wellness Wallets, etc. The purpose of this plan is to promote employee wellness while limiting expenditures for the employer through a pre-determined allowance. The amount will vary from company to company. There are many names for this employee perk such as wellness account, wellness spending account, wellbeing wallet, and health allowance to name a few.

These allowances encourage employee wellness and healthy living. Generally there are less geographical restrictions (you can use it for wellness services from practitioners in other countries.) These plans typically provide spending allowances for things like gym memberships, health coaching, nutrition counselling or relationship counselling, to name a few. If you are utilizing my health coach services, you may be eligible to use this to cover some or all of the cost of my services (depending on your wellness allowance benefits).

How Do I Get Reimbursed?

If your insurance or employer says you are in fact eligible for reimbursement, you can contact me to obtain a special receipt specifically designed to submit to your coverage. This is a private & locked PDF receipt, filled out and signed which includes things like my registration #, company name & logo and full business information, as well as service info and billing details. It is only issued after services are rendered, at the time they are given. All my appointments are paid in advance, but the normal receipt automatically issues is not enough to apply for reimbursement. You can contact me through my contact page, to request a receipt for insurance/coverage reimbursement. My phone number is also available on my contact page if you want to call and provide your details over the phone.

I’m NOT Eligible for Coverage Reimbursement

Many insurance companies and employee coverage plans are adding “Wellness” and Nutritional Coaching ,Nutritional Counselling, Health Coaches & other such designations to be eligible for coverage. The best thing you can do is to contact your insurance/coverage formally, either by phone or in writing (physical letter is best) with a short explanation of how wellness services have helped keep you healthy, improved your health or prevented you from injury or illness. The more people do this, the more insurance companies will respond and expand their coverage to include these types of professionals.


When you submit an insurance claim for my services under your normal coverage or “wellness allowance”, it’s important to know insurance companies may randomly audit claims or investigate a potentially fraudulent claim and that by submitting a claim you are authorizing the insurance company to collect the following.

  • The service provided, identifying what the service was e.g. assessment, education, etc
  • Who provided the service -> I will provide you with my registration number upon issuing you a special receipt
  • The date service was provided
  • The amount invoiced for the service