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This is the secure booking portal for JD Nutrition and our Nutritional Consulting Services. All info for your virtual appointment is emailed to you & can be cancelled or rescheduled 48hrs before your appointment. If you have any difficulties or would like to ask questions, Call or text 1-855-500-2285 and leave a voicemail. Follow these steps to book your virtual appointment:

  1. Select Appointment Type (a) Intake for new patients or (b) Return appointment for existing patients
  2. Select a Date and Time for your appointment
  3. Complete payment and you’ll receive all your booking info by e-mail, including the link to connect to your zoom video call on the scheduled appointment date

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I'm an integrative nutrition student in college and health educator. I take a holistic approach to support the health and recovery of individuals by creating advanced nutritional plans that address every aspect of their health including: physical (body), psychological (mind) and Spiritual (Spirit). I utilize alternative medicine, ayurvedic medicine and (some) Chinese medicine modalities as well as the latest research and technology to provide you with best possible health plan. My practice is online (TeleHealth) as 1-on-1 consultations and workshops over (Zoom) video call. I also sell nutritional guidebooks for various ailments eg. ADHD in my digital product's shop and I'm a distributor of Dr. Wallach's Youngevity supplement formulations.

Yes for Canadian Clients - GreenShield and some BlueCross plans may include nutritional consulting or nutritional counseling, as well as some provincial health plans. On some plans such as Greenshield, you can login to see your nutritional consulting or nutritional counseling coverage eligibility and amount. I do not direct bill. You have to do a manual claim through your provider and include the receipt I provide you to get reimbursed. No for USA and International Clients - But I may be able to set up a business presence in the USA and change that in the future.

A nutritional consultation is a 1-on-1 session (online or in-person), where I look at your health history, then we discuss your health goals and I make nutritional recommendations using my education and knowledge.

If you click the "Book a Consult" button it'll show a calendar with my schedule, and you can select a date and time for your appointment. It'll set up everything automatically, direct you to collect payment and send you an e-mail (with links to add the appt. to your calendar). You'll receive email and phone (optional) reminders several times before the appointment. I'll email you an intake form to fill out before your appt. You don't have to worry about time zones, because it'll display my availability in your native time zone. I've tried to make the process as easy and seamless as is possible.

In the e-mail you receive after booking there is a link to the video call. At the time of your appointment click that link and enter the video call. You will enter a lobby and I will pull you into a 1-on-1 video call with me. Once the time is up for our appointment I'll e-mail you a document with some refined recommendations and things we discussed in the session.

As mentioned, almost all my appointments are online via (Zoom) Video Call. All you need is a smartphone or a computer with a webcam and mic. Everything is set-up automatically on my booking portal.

Yes I do have an office where I do in-person appointments. However I find it's more convenient for most to do a TeleHealth video call.

An intake consultation lasts around 45mins-1.5hrs while a follow-up session is usually shorter at 30-45mins.

I am enrolled in a professional 2+ year integrative nutrition in course in college that provides over 1700hrs of nutrition education. My degree gives me the title of Nutritional Counselor across Canada and in BC where my college is located, the title of Holistic Nutritionist. I am also a certified health coach in Canada.

Yes you will receive a document with a refined list of dietary, lifestyle and/or supplement recommendations, including some things we discussed in the session as well as some additional options. A meal plan is provided with each session, if that is something you expressed interest in.

Yes I make myself available via message on social media, as well as TXT msg or phone call if you prefer. I respond to most messages within 24 hours (but often quicker). If it's a non life threatening emergency you can call my cell number after-hours (provided in email after our appointment).

My rates are available on my rates page. There are no hidden fees. I do have a cancellation fee as mentioned in my cancellation policy. Supplements or foods I recommend are not included. I have separate educational materials (documents and videos) or courses, some of which are included in the monthly subscription, but some courses may be available for purchase separately, and are not included in my nutritional consultation rates. I also host educational workshops (such as managing diabetes, or nutrition for ADHD, etc) which are not included in my standard rates and may or may not be included in my monthly subscription.

I require 48hrs advance notice of cancellation, otherwise I charge a cancellation fee.

Payment is collected online on the secure booking page. You can pay with all major credit cards. I can take payments over the phone as well. You can contact me to arrange payment by: interact e-transfer, PayPal transfer or Bitcoin. And I may be able to accept other payment methods as well (just contact me first).

My main clients currently are those managing: cancer, diabetes, weight-loss and autoimmune disorders. But I also have a passion in nutrition for mental health and working with clients who experience chronic depression or with conditions like ADHD. As well as nutrition for advanced aging and preventing cognitive and physical decline for the elderly.

I'm currently located in Canada, but I can take you as a client wherever you are in the world. It's called Telehealth and I do an online video call appointment with you through zoom. All you need is a smartphone or a computer with a webcam and mic. I have many clients from USA and Europe.

You will be able to contact me to ask questions or make comments or to voice concerns allowing 24-48hrs for a reply (though it's often quicker). Either by messaging me through my social media, using the contact page, or calling me (my phone # is provided in an e-mail after your appointment).

I usually recommend 3-4 weeks for your next follow-up appointment. This provides adequate time to see the results of the previous dietary, lifestyle or supplemental recommendations and make adjustments to your nutrition plan.

I have a lengthy intake form that gives me a comprehensive look at your health history. It may seem longer than most, but with good reason...In order for me to uncover root causes and contributing factors I need to know absolutely everything about your health. This is why my intake sessions tend to go for around 45mins to 1.5hrs because the first session requires a deep look at your health history, before I can make effective nutritional recommendations.

As mentioned, yes you absolutely can contact me after your appointment, either through my contact page, by direct message on social media or by phone/txt...all of my contact information is e-mailed to you after our session.