Bob Beck and The Beck Blood Electrifier

May 8, 2023 6 mins to read

The world of traditional medicine often produces innovative alternative treatments that are controversial among the main stream medical community; some more widely accepted than others. Bob beck, an inventor and researcher and his blood electrification protocol, has generated equal amounts of interest among the alternative health community and skepticism among the main stream medical community, becoming a hotly debated topic. In this blog article we’ll look at Bob Beck’s life, his controversial device the Beck Blood Electrifier, the multi-stage Beck Protocol, and some useful reading to learn more about this alternative treatment.


Have you heard of Dr. Bob Beck 👨‍⚕️ and the Beck Blood 🩸 Electrifier ⚡? Bob Beck held a doctorate 🎓 of science 🔬and had a background in Engineering ⚙️. He created the Beck Electrifier ⚡, which he claimed could purify the blood to help with a range of diseases, but with little scientific evidence or studies to back his claims. He developed the Beck Protocol which utilised blood electrification ⚡, magnetic 🧲 pulsing, colloidal silver 🥈and ozonated water 💧. His inventions were met with criticism from the mainstream medical community, And he was prohibited 🚫 from selling 💲 his device by the FDA 👩‍⚖️. Despite this, Dr. Bob Beck 👨‍⚕️ dedicated his life to educating the world 🌎 on his blood electrification⚡ device and Beck protocol 📝. For info use link in bio 🪪 and or DM me. #bobbeck #bobbeckprotocol #alternativetherapy #bloodelectrification

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Bob Beck – Inventor and Researcher

Robert C. “Bob” Beck (1925-2002) held a doctorate in science and was an inventor with a background in electronic engineering. Dr. Beck had a keen interest in bio-electricity, exploring the potential effects of electrical currents on the human body. Beck’s most famous invention, the Beck Blood Electrifier, was inspired by a study by Dr. William Lyman and Dr. Steven Kaali of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Their research showed that specific low-level electrical currents could disable viruses in a lab. (Source: Science News, 1991)

The Beck Blood Electrifier

Using the same principles from Lyman and Kaali’s study, Beck developed the Beck Blood Electrifier in the 1990s, which claims to neutralize viruses, bacteria, and parasites in the bloodstream by applying low-intensity electrical currents through the skin. Despite these claims, the efficacy of the blood electrification device is not supported by scientific evidence (aside from the original study with Dr. William Lyman), and therefore its safety and potential side effects have been hotly debated and a cause for concern among medical professionals.

The Beck Protocol – 3 Additional Stages

Bob Beck went on to develop a broader treatment protocol that combined his famous blood electrification with three additional treatments:

  1. Magnetic pulsing: Using a magnetic pulser to generate pulsed magnetic fields, Dr. Beck claimed the device could induce micro-currents in the lymphatic system and organs, which promotes detoxification and improving immune function.
  2. Ionic colloidal silver: Dr. Beck recommended consuming ionic colloidal silver for its antibacterial properties. However, the effectiveness and safety of colloidal silver, especially when ingested, remains a subject of debate. However new research has shown promise for colloidal silver in treating a variety of ailments, as well as it’s safety. Colloidal silver is also often used topically in medical settings to treat wounds and burns.
  3. Ozonated water: Drinking ozonated water the third component of Beck’s protocol, as it could promote oxygenation and detoxification in the body. Although ozone therapy is used often used in some alternative medicine practices, it is generally not accepted by mainstream medicine due to concerns about its efficacy and potential side effects.

Opposition and Controversy

Beck’s ideas and devices faced opposition from the medical community and regulatory agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Critics said his devices and methods lacked scientific validation and could pose potential health risks to users. Supporters of the protocol pointed out the relative safety of The Beck Protocol, numerous testimonials of those who has seen health improvements using Becks protocol, they argued that the FDA was trying to suppress Becks innovative research because it could disrupt the established health care system and it’s lucrative pharmaceutical market; both valid arguments.

Without FDA approval for his Beck Electrifier, Dr. Beck was prohibited from making health claims or selling his device. So what did beck do? He spent years touring around the world giving lectures, and providing his research for free so that people could make the device themselves…Not the actions of a man who wanted to profit off a bogus device. Dr. Beck passed in 2002, his work remains the subject of interest and debate in the alternative health community.

Learn more about the Beck Protocol

If you’re interested in learning more about Bob Beck, the Beck Electrifier and the Beck protocol, as well as how to build the device, consider the following resources:

Beck’s official papers and manuals | Build it yourself

Articles on the study that inspired Beck’s invention

Science News, March 30, 1991, “Shocking Treatment Proposed for AIDS” (

Information on colloidal silver and ozone therapy

It’s important to approach alternative health treatments with caution, seeking guidance from healthcare professionals and researching the scientific evidence behind any claims made.


Bob Beck’s life and inventions, particularly the blood electrification device and Beck Protocol represent innovations in alternative health treatments, while being controversial among the mainstream medical community – where drugs are given to suppress symptoms rather than to heal or cure the underlying conditions. Dr. Becks treatments have not gained mainstream acceptance, and lack studies to support the health claims made, but continue to be a hotly debated topic. If bob beck wanted to profit off snake oil that he knew didn’t work…he would not have dedicated his life to tour around the country, giving away his research and designs for free. As you explore the world of alternative health, always prioritize safety, and seek the guidance of a healthcare professional.


This is not medical advice. The information in this article is for educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any condition. I do not endorse building or using the beck blood electrifier, which is considered by mainstream medicine to be pseudoscience. I am not responsible for how you use the information in this article. The Beck blood electrifier and other devices used in the beck protocol are not FDA approved and there is no scientific evidence that they’re effective. For any medical conditions or concerns, it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional to receive evidence-based treatments. Misuse of homemade medical devices could potentially lead to serious health complications.

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