Hi, I’m JD and my credentials are a 2+ year Integrative nutrition course in college (2023). While most doctors in Canada & USA only get 30hrs or less of nutrition education…my college course provides over 1700 hours of nutrition education. I have 57x more education in nutrition that a typical MD (Medical Doctor). Suffice to say nutrition is my territory.

My mission is to reduce the global burden of disease through education, awareness and 1-on-1 consultations. I use social media to educate individuals on nutrition: tips, tricks and hacks. I have 4 main areas of interest, nutrition for: cancer, auto-immune diseases, mental health and gut health (in that order).  

I believe their is a herb for every disease and I research extensively to expose alternative therapies, and research, which has been suppressed by regulatory agencies like the FDA, corrupt Big Pharma and the rotten medical system. I share these stories in videos across social media, and through articles on my blog.

I’m a philanthropist and donate to the homeless and needy, as well as various local charities using a portion of my income. I also run a program called “JD Gifts  Health” where I buy food and supplements and offer free nutritional consults for very sick and low income patients who can’t afford to buy stuff themselves. There are some videos of this available on my TikTok. 

I keep up to date on the latest studies and science, so I can provide my clients with the best possible treatment plan, to optimize their health and recovery. I consider myself a “health investigator” and utilize all the tools at my disposal to dig to the root of your issues. I address all my clients health issues with a combination of: diet, supplements, and lifestyle modifications. I will not leave any stone unturned in the effort to get your health to where you want it; providing you recommendations from: traditional medicine, herbology, ayurveda.

Nutritional Consults: I do nutritional consults using my breadth of knowledge to help clients for a range of health issues like: weight-loss, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis or joint pain, autoimmune disorders, cancer, thyroid issues, digestive disorders & more. Click Nutritional Consulting on the Top menu for more info.